donderdag 7 juli 2011

Fear and/or Excitement

These days i seem to have a perpetual feeling of...something in my stomachearea.
Right where the 3rd chakra is...right in the middle of the middle...right in the centre of me.
First i thought...i must be drinking too much coffee, but i only drink two cups a day, so i gathered it must be something else.
Carbs i thought...i must be eating too much carbs! So i tried to fiercly limit my input of result.
(So odd how i'm used to looking at the purely physical when it comes to the stomache area)

So...i started to think (aiaiai, always the ratched thinking getting in the way of clarity) why do i feel so bloody nervous all the time! I have nothing to be nervous about! My life is going pretty much as i want it to go, i have no stress, no stuff going on (not more then usual anyway) that would justify this.

Thank heavens there is the awakeningzone these days!
This wonderfull (relatively) new radiostation was created by Joe Rumbolo and Geoff Hoppe (Crimson circle) and they have a precious collection of showhosts, many i see as great personal inspirators, like Dee Wallace, Jean Adrienne and many more, and they have the most wonderfull guests like Steve Rother and Jim Selfshowering us all with their insight and wisdom!!
And low and behold...there they were talking about this weird feeling a lot of us seem to have the past weeks. This nervous feeling, right in the centre...and the consensus around it seems to be : its either fear, or its excitement!

I imediatly went to fear....cause i have no idea what i could possibly be excited about.
So...i cleared some issues, blew up some roadblocks, shoo-ed away some ghosts and was on my way again.
But darned..the feeling is still here.
So..lets examine excitement.
Maby this ties in with bigger things....cause i tie in with bigger things...maby this is excitement over the shift we are all making together? Maby its because more and more people are waking up to the possibility that maby we are not destroying the world, but making it a better place? Tolle's New Earth?
That wóuld be something to get totally excited about!

Its exciting and easy to believe that others are growing, that others are great, that others are waking up to their full potential, its easy to see the light in them, the wisdom, the sheer force of their spirit, the glow, the love.
Untill now its been very hard to see this in ourselves, to see it in myself.
But...honestly, i can feel many aspects of myself waking up too, (all modesty aside, wich might be the most difficult hurdle) so Dee Wallace is right...maby it is time to turn up our lights and shine, shine, shine as bright as we can!
Maby we are the bright light other so clearly see in us? Maby i am?

Could i really be that powerfull?


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  1. Praising this in words will be an idiocy. This is searching our own existence. The greatest of all knowledge is self realization. And your understanding was truth. "May be we are the bright light other so clearly see in us? May be i am?"
    I can only say - "Regards".