donderdag 21 juli 2011

Is it love or a lesson?

We all know a woman that is going through it, or went trough it.
Some of us are that woman, most of us were that woman at some point in our lives...

The woman that confuses lessons with love.

We have al met this guy that seemed so right, so rough, so cool, so strong, so sexy, so hot, so handsome, so much fun, so in control, so demanding.....sooooo exciting!
But we have all found out he actually was controling, hot tempered, overpowering, selfrighteous...and often still too damn sexy for comfort!

When it ends, when things turn souer, we are in pain and we cry out; ''Why does he do that, doesn't he know how much i love him?''
But is this love? Or is this life presenting us with a lesson to learn?
And since Oprah told us over and over; ''if it hurts, it aint love'' it must be a lesson!

That makes sense. A lesson is presenting itself to learn something from. So, that makes it a good thing, not someting to blame anyone for, or to beat ourself up about. Hurray!
That means we are not wrong to get involved with this badass hottie! Yay! We are not stupid afterall!!
Stupid is when we do not get the lesson out of it...stupid is when we try to hang on to him..stupid is when we don't move on after the lesson is learned....stupid is taking the hurt over and over again.

So by all means..fall for that guy and get all you can out of it, party, wallow, and learn the lesson.
And free yourself up for the man that will love you..with all of his heart and soul.


ps: Ladies, when a guy tells you he is a badass womaniser (cause most of the time they dó tell), listen to him!

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