vrijdag 8 juli 2011

I know!

If and when you friggin knów someting is true...why doesn't that automatically mean you act on that truth?

Like all parents will know this feeling of getting way too mad at yer kids. They scream at you, you scream back, doors slam, anger all over the place, everybody standing their ground firmly (cause ofcourse you're right) 
And after the screaming is over you think; ''why the heck did i let myself get dragged into that (again)?''
Even when you knów the child wants boundries, wants help, want clarity...the kid is just doing its 'job'. You are the one that should have stayed calm, give boundries, communicate and thats it.
You knów, so why not act on that truth?

Like the woman that falls in love with abusive guys over and over, like the man that 'loves 'em and leaves 'em' eventhough he knóws that it does not make him happy and leaves him feeling empty inside. Like we all do when we meet people that mirror parts of us we don't want to own up to, and make us go into re-action instead of respons. Like we knów that its just old pain coming round to say hi...and we need not reclaim it...we don't need to own it at all..
We knów!

Something i picked up from Oprah Winfrey is; '' When you know better, you do better''
But..the secret is not in the knówing..its in de do-ing, and even better bé-ing!
Or as Dee Wallace said last week ;'' Knowing IT doesn't create something different. Knowing IT keeps you focussed on IT, and so you keep creating IT''

So..if you don't want screaming matches, you need to create something different.
BE calm, if you want to attract good relations you have to BE a good relation, if you want a sustainable relationship, BE sustainable!
And very important for us all these days...if old pain comes round, if people mirror something in you that you don't like...BE new, BE free, BE the ever expanding creative force that you are.
Claim it, claim it out loud, over and over if need be; I AM that I AM.
And so it is.


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  1. Plz don't take it otherwise, guys those who fall in love never leaves. Having a family for say 6o years is not enough for them. Those who leave never loved at all. Its a one way path. river come to oceans. Have you ever seen a river came out of ocean? There's no such like "log out" or "Quit" there. But every men and women lives his/her own life, lives it free. Nothing can change that. Each one of us in this world is complete & alone. We are born alone, we live alone and we die alone. We make bonds because we are afraid of this truth.