zondag 24 juli 2011


How could i not write a blog about what happened in Norway.
I cried, like so many of us cried, my thoughts imediatly going to the parents that sent their kids to this great camp, with all these great kids..to have fun in the beautifull outdoors of a peacefull little island.
Then, we all know what happened and none of us understand.
Our minds try to make sense of it, but ofcourse there is no sense to be found. Only deep sadness.

My heart, my body aches for the pain that is in the world. For all the people involved..yes, also for the guy who did this...for i cannot imagine how twisted his mind and how black his heart must have become.
Become, for he was also born as a little innocent baby...with only good in him.
Its easy to call him crazy or insane...that puts some comfortable distance between him and us. Thats what we need...distance. He is not like me.

You are me, i am you..we are all interconnected, we are ONE. One mind, one energy and one conciousness...and not only when its convinient or nobel or admireable.
We are all ONE...so lets go within, and clear out the fears. (for hate is nothing but fear)
We are ALL one...so lets raise the frequency of unconditional love.
If i love you and you love me, we all love eachother. Love has no room for fear or darkness.


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