woensdag 1 februari 2012

Its a blast! (english)

So..last week we had some real intens solar activity, wich for me resulted in 4 days of flu-like paines and aches. My head felt like it was cought in a bench-screw...and no painkiller killed any of it. Again my throat was swollen and raw, and general pain in my bones (like flu, without the actual flu).....been there too?
Isn't ascension just a blast?
Another symptom that seems to persist the past weeks are these hot-flashes, and i heard so many people talk about that, young people, old people..men and woman, so if you blamed it on menopauze ...don't. (i'm pretty sure my 75 year old dad is not menopauzal)
I once heared Oprah say that hotflashes was like burning off the old you..making space for the new. That sounds just about right to me..and that would fitt this energy perfectly :-)
I'm sure that with the x-flares in the last week of  January, a lot of old stuff came undone for a lot a people, and that is a good thing. But all that shit didn not hit the fan..it seems to have hit a lot of us.
The flares just keep coming every day...and eventhough they are not directed at Earth, it does not mean that it doesn't influence us still. Indirect intens energy is still intens energy..so i guess our processes are perpetuated.
The sunspot that is causing all this havoc might even come around and flash us again...that hardly ever happens..but there seems to be a lot of stuff going round that hardly ever...ah..i guess its just 2012?

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