dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Selling! (English)

Selfpromotion...promoting my work, selling my product, i find it really hard.
See, the thing is, i want to be a healer, because i love the work.
I love to have people come in, do this wonderfull magic, and know that life is a bit easier when they leave, a bit less painfull or a little less stuck.
Thats what i want to do.
I never thought of having to be commercial about it, sell my work, let the world know how to find me..to find me, but ofcourse there is that to concern myself with.
So i have to learn about marketing, getting a googelable position, work the net and social media in a profitable way and ofcourse have a kickass website.

I procrastinate.
Always something else first.
I drag my feet.
Feel great resistance.
I just don't wanne!

That is the worst possible message to put out there when you wanne create though, right?
So...i clench my teeth and do the work.
When, ofcourse i know i should be doing this in JOY!

Ladidadiladida...i'm sooooo in JOY!
(how the flipping heck do i do this...everybody wants to be number one in google, where is my niche, what is my niche and how do i get there!!)

Joy Inge..joy....

So..went to work on my website some more. Cleaned it up. (I need better pictures...make note)
I know..i know that someday i will get this marketing thing down...or i will go down trying..in joy ofcourse!!

Have a joyfull day!


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