dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Trust or challenge...an epiphany!

Just had a strange train of epiphanies in the shower. (isn't water just clear as a bell?)
Before i got in the shower i thought i'd weigh myself, so i stpped on the scales...should not have done that, cause instead of the expected loss of weight, i - again - gained weight. Bummer.
I stepped ito the shower and thought the following:

''so, i can now safely conclude that it is not the food....based on what i eat i should not gain weight .. so what is the problem..i should really get a job

Get a job?
Thats a weird thought!

So the hanging on to the weight is connected with the money-issue. So..its about safety.
But, i am actually really good at the trusting the uni/omniverse these days!
I just bought a bike, and now i have nothing left at all...because i trust!!''

Then i dawned on me...i do not trust...i challenge.
I spend all my money on this bike and put the challenge out there to have the omni/universe prove to me that i was right to '' trust''.

So..if i do thát with the money, can i safely say i do that with my weight too?
See..i am an awesome dieter...i can go without food for houers, almost days..or maby just some yoghurt. Ofcourse i know that doest work.
I went on juice-binges..soupdays, did sports (24 times tot the gym and gained 1 kilo) ride my bike daily and these days (since my bike broke) i walk for houers.
But..all of that is useless if i do this to challenge myself not to loose the weight!
Quote me: ''whatever i do, i just can't losse any weight''
Well..thats a challenge i am obviously up to!!

So...to go from challenge to actual trust.
I knów (ad a Dee Wallace adept) i have to direct the energy and reality will take that direction.
I know what to do...but not quite sure how to!
Gotta brood on that one...more coffee, and heck, i might aswell have some chocolate :-)

Love ya all, and if you wanne share your thoughts on this, please do!!

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