zondag 19 februari 2012

Preparering for more. (English)

The past week we had some smaller storms around our sun, but nothing big.
As they say on spaceweather, the sun has flatlined...haha, suggesting no heartbeat, no life?
Because the sun is very active right now..its just not flaring out. But within? What causes the flares is a build-up releasing itself, so there is also another side, where the sun is taking in energy, the place where the build-up originates from..
So...there definitly is solaractivity, an we definitly do experience it!

I have read and heard that many many people are having ridicilous headaches. Ridicilous cause they never have headaches...and also in strange places (apparent locations if you will) ...behind the eyebrows, at the temples, the third eye, the middle of the head ...and its a strange pain, cause it actually feel like compact pressure.
Why pressure? Well, i feel that this pressure is a preperation for expansion...like squishing together a sponge, so it can take in more water. Our brain (our pineal) seems to be pressured into compaction, so it can expand beyond its former copassity.
I feel like this expansion happens when the flares come back.

Its seems to be going on with a lot of emotions too...they seem to be compacted. Lets for example use the emotion of not feeling safe. Its like all the ' not feeling safe' - situations of my whole life seem to be put together in one big lump...like two handsfull of snow compacted into a snowball. (and to be honest, the past week it felt like someone/thing was tossing that snowball around in a way that made me feel like...wwwhhooaaa, help, someone get me outta here!)
So, even the smaller fears seemed to be important, when i was sure i was over them!
Feels familiair?

So...all the pains and aches, fears and sadness (and i'm sure the list goes on and on) that you have experienced, you experienced because they truely are compacted...and now we await the flares with open arms for expansion!
I'm so ready...are you?

On februari 29th, a leapday, i will do a group healing and meditation for expansion, from my home, to your home, so anyone in the world can join.
This day is like an extra, and a day like that just screams out for directed expansion. If you wanne join in, just send me an email, find me on facebook, its very affordable, so come aboard and lets expand!!!!



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