dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Space vs Void (English)

In the old days, we seemed to schlepp our past with us all the time...some good pasts, some bad, some enhancing (enlightning even) and some traumatising.
But i feel like this has really changed the past few months. A lot of old stuff got chucked out, discarded...and now we have all this space...and a lot of us have no idea whatsoever to do with that!
We all know that spaces have this tendency to fill themselves; no matter how big your house is, it will always get filled , and even the law of communicating vessels back that up.
Question is...with what do we fill up this space?

If the new space is understood and makes you feen excited, is percieved as freedom, it could be called heartspace, and there is nothing more beautifull then to fill it up with love..loving thoughts, loving actions, loving people..love!
But what if you don't understand the new space? It might be percieved as a void then, and it could esily make you anxious, even scared. In that case it might be hard to be or stay conciouss and the void will be filled with that, anxious fear.

There (also) seems to be a lot of that going round ..people lashing out at others, judging others, accusing eachother of being out of integrity, being possesive, trying to dominate.
Not only do we do this to eachother, we also seem to be doing a lot of that to ourselves, wich results in insecurity, selfjudgement, not knowing..feeling anxious..

So...which one do you pick..space...or void?
I wish you joy!


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