maandag 20 februari 2012

Preparing the sequel.. (English)

So..yesterday i ended my message with the announcement i was going to do something on februari 29th, because its a leapday. I didn't know i was going to do that, it came as a complete surprise to me!
So when people reacted on my blog with questions about the event..i had no answers at all, i was still getting used to the idea myself.

A leapday, since it only comes around every 4 years seems like an extra a present. (scientifically that might not be completely true, but i am more interested in the perception anyway)
Since the now all seems to be about preparing for expansion - and the expansion will be here soon, i am very sure of that - i wanted to do this with some kind of togetherness.
So, after feeling my way around the information this is what came up.
Its going to be a workshop that you do not have to leave your house for, you can all join in, from your favorite chair, your bed, you can go for a walk or sauna...whatever feels right for you!
I do not want to use words, so thats why i did not opt for Skype..its all about wordless experiencing.
I will be directing the energy for 1,5 houers, and there will be a meditation on expanding, for which i will send everyone who participates a guideline, some images that will be helpfull. Probably i will be handing you some symbols in the meditation, and ofcourse i will be curious to hear what you have received!
There will also be a healing, or rather a direction toward expanding your energy and consciousness...directing it outward, extend it to the world so we can all come together more and more.
So...a bit of a celebration!

If you want to participate, just send me an email at, or find me on facebook
I will need your name on the list. Ofcourse you can just align if you want, but the directing of energy is more direct when i know who to direct it to.

So, februari 29th, at 19.00 till 20.30 GMT
But ofcourse energy does not have a watch can just receive it anytime that it is good for you!

It will be affordable to everyone, because you decide how much to pay for it.
You can pay me through paypal, or bank, just let me know what you prefer.

Thank you for letting me do this, so many of you have allready signed up, its an honour.

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