woensdag 25 januari 2012


That was quite a day yesterday..the new moon, the flares, the cme...phew...made it!
It feels like i ran a marathon yesterday, when - ofcourse - i did no such thing...
It felt like walking through rain, snow, wind and bright sun at the same time...when - ofcourse - there is no such thing.
People were agitated, nervous, picking fights and not even seem to notice that!
A lot of people seemed on a quest to be right, when - ofcourse - there is no such thing.

And now..back in a calmer flow (though i have a bad headache...flares on the way? I would not be surprised) releasing a sigh, not of relief, but more of feeling content, another hurdle taken, and we made it!
Again i feel and experience a sense of more balance that will be birthed out of this chaos.
A sense of progress, going forth in more equality.
The feeling of equality, fair sharing, looking out for eachother, caring, that we all know on a personal level. We've  all  allways wanted whats best for the people around us, but now this seems to expand to wanting the same for everyone on this planet. (and beyond?) True sharing, from our hearts, to their hearts because all hearts are the same, united..

To be one, to share and be shared, without fear..only love..- ofcourse - there is such a thing!!
I am going for that...coming along?


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