vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Newyears resolutions (English)

Only one newyears resolution was uttered by me, blogging plenty and regularly..its now the 13th of january and i have not written one blog.
This is not due to a lack of inspiration, cause subjects and opinions fly through my head all day, but as soon as i touch my keyboard...i get overwhelmed with a sense of snug contentment, and that is not at all productive.
All seems to have been said..everything seems to have been put into words allready.
And, i am not alone in this i hear...a lot of people that write for the joy of writing seem to have the same problem.
Well, its is not actually a problem..snug contentment...
But it is a nuicance if you think you oughtta write.
So the problem is in the wanting.
So the solution is...not wanting?
Don't want.
How very buddhist of me.


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