dinsdag 24 januari 2012

New, strong, long and fast! (English)

Yesterday, early in the morning (in my part of the world anyway..the Netherlands) there was this M9-class flare (one step up and it would have been an X-flare, the most intense kind) and it took a long time for it to flare its flare.
Its CME output - or simply said...the charge or wind it is bringing forth - is in a remarkable hurry to reach us. Usually it takes approximately 3 days to arrive at Earth, but this one is here allready, not even 28 houers later!

So its not only strong, intense in lenght but its also very fast.
Thats just so 2012 isn't it?

And another influence on the NOW process is the new Moon that also occured early yesterday morning, and Mars (male energy) turning retrograde in the evening, means we are turning inward, reassesing our our proces, our choises, out path...time for introspection rather then action.
The male energy is now not about do-ing, but rather about be-ing.

Today the moon, with its new energy starting to build, is in Aquarius, wich calls for freedom,its  like an emotional independance day!!
So; a new moon, with strong, lengthy fast energy,  calling for emotional freedom from a place deep within us..sounds like a time for really really fast change!
Today...starting about 8 o'clock (my time) this morning...will have this energy rising and rising...the peak will be around 15.00 this afternoon...and the dust will settle down as we approach midnight.

Be tolerant...be balanced, be loving to everyone...we are all going through this process together!
Happy (emotional) independence day!!!


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