donderdag 19 januari 2012

Bright Light (English)

Dear people,

Ever since the shift accelerated in october last year, and birthed this unity energy on 11-11-11, its been quite a ride. Many have been ill (as mentioned in former blogs) and we all shifted wether we know it or not.
For the people that know...its been hard, its been painfull, but it has also been a blast, cause we know that this is cause for celebration!!
For the people that don't know what is going on..its been hard, its been painfull and many, many are confused and scared. (and when people get scared, they act up and act out)

I must say..its not easy keeping a bright light shining bright when so many are focussed on darkness.
It is truely a fight between the dark and the light.
Sensitive beings (because apparently not just humans are effected, a lot of animals are absorbing the mayhem probably all life is effected) are thrown off these days. Loosing sleep, losing appetite, headaches...ah well, you know, i don't have to repeat myself on the symptoms..
My son was on his way to school today and had to turn back...he was feeling sick from all the anger he felt from the world around him. He was white as a sheet, and was kinda hiding in his room today. Please be aware of this in your children. (and animals)

I am asking you, to please shine your light as brightly as you can, please be conscious and deliberate. This is what we have been doing all the work shine our light now!! BE the light! BE the love!

ALL my love and more,

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