zondag 25 november 2012

Outward....not Inward (English)

If I feel it, you must be feeling it too; time to shine your light outward, and not pick up all the darkness that is to be found anywhere.
A lot of us (empaths) have done that in the past...mopping up some darkness here and there, transform it and you were on your merry way again...right?

There is an awfull lot of transforming going on at this moment, and that brings out a lot of darkness too.
Nothing wrong with that, darkness is just the companion of light.
Its a good thing to be consciouss of...just don't try to change it...don't try to resolve it.
(and oooh are we good at that!)
Its not your job, and it will bring you down.

You - being the lightworker you are - are not responsible for transforming darkness into light.
You are only responsible for being the brightest light that you can be!!
Stay focussed on yourself, be the best you that you can be...and give your own darkness space to breathe aswell.

For when you are aware of the 'goings on', if you stay consciouss, if you keep your clarity about all of it, you will change the world.
Stay in trust.
Be love.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. May we all try to bring healing and not pain to this world, being ever mindful of our words and actions.