donderdag 22 november 2012

New Socks (English)

My fourteen year old son is growing fast.
Just a short while ago our feet were the same size and now he is turning into bigfoot like his dad. Bigger feet, means bigger shoes, can't let him walk around in shoes that are too small. That hurts.
Funny thingh though that we do not replace his socks as often. Socks can be streched wears them way too long...stretched to the max..

Its kinda what is happening to us too...we are growing.
Our feeling ability is increasing, we seem to feel more and more. Not just our own feelings, but also the feelings of others. If you hadn't noticed...take a bus and check your state of beeing (state of feeling) before the ride and check it again after the ride.
You will have picked up emotions, thoughts of others, and thats not always a positive experience.
What does this mean?

Well, you should really be aware of this in yourself, not just of the picking up of the feeling of others, but also that others are picking up yours!
When you ride that bus, and you're agitated or worried, other will pick up that agitation and your worries.
So its important to keep those to yourself...intention will do the trick. You could for example create a bubble around you. make it a beautifull one :-)
It also means that you have the power to spread your light, your loving thoughts. One way to do that is connecting hearts. Its a thing I have done for years and its kinda my secret pleasure.
Think of a red chord that comes from your heart, and connect that to another persons heart, then connect their heart to the next person and so on. You will feel works, it mellows people out...

Another thing we should be paying attention to is our children. They pick up the emotions of others even faster and with even less filters then we do. Its very important to explain this to them, that not everything they feel is theirs. No need to go into it extensively, they know, for them this is a natural thing. Just put it into words for them....acknowledge what they feel.

There is also the negative side to all of this. (ofcourse, there's no light without dark and no dark without light)
All this feeling is confusing for some, its scary and when people are scared, they lash out.
Their feeling is not as contained as it was...its like they are leaking out....and do whatever comes to mind without thinking. No inhibitions...
So that makes it even more important to take responsibility to shine your light. The brighter you shine, the less darkness there is.
Be the love, be the light!

The past few days we had lots of medium size sunflares, intensifying our emotions, enlarging everything even more. And its not over yet...there's a huge sunspot and it looks like its will remain quit active the coming week.
So, be even more aware!

The growth of awareness is like the growth of needs a new shoes now and then....a new container, new parameters. (you'll hurt less)
And...don't forget the new socks, they can only stretch sofar and then you need new ones.....make it warm, soft and comfortable for yourself. You deserve it.


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