maandag 19 november 2012

Past Weeks and Weeks Ahead (English)

It has been a full month since I wrote something here. Not because nothing happened, but because it seemed that everything that happened passed by so fast, that writing it down would only bring you old news.
Things seemed to shift right before our eyes, and as soon as they had shifted, they were way behind us...almost forgotten.
For a lot of us that was like a party that just seemed to last for weeks, one great change after the other, for some its been hard work to keep up with the pace, and some of us lost the pace some of the time.

This resulted in major changes in our lives; relationships changed, living situations changed, work, ideas, creation...and becoming ill.
Everything seems to have been in an uproar, an upheavel...elections were won (and lost for others) is just different from a few months back in so many ways!

Lets talk about the physical stuff for a moment so you know - again - you are not alone in this.
We have shifted so much, let go of so many pasts...painfull ones, frustrating ones, the ones that have been holding you back...right?
But some of it somehow got stuck in our physical bodies, and that resulted in bumps, lumps, abscesses and pimpels. Its wants to break out...but it just can't make it out all the way yet..
Even in my own world a lot of people have been walking around with fear of having cancer because of the bumpb and lumps...but it all turned out to be ..well, just bumps and lumps.

Another ailment that seems to be common is angina and bronchitis. Personally I have been through those three times the past few weeks, and its still lingering. Throat, throatchackra...has to do with speech...saying what you need to say, speak your thruth. Don't hide behind your silence and/or think before you speak?

We seem to have completed a cycle (within the big cycle that leads us to 21-12) of clearing out, and real, deep change.
The thirteenth of november we had this new moon and solareclips, and after a long period of relative quiet, the solarflares were intens too on that day. (On that day we had eleven of em, with one or two big M-flares, almost becoming X-class flares). And since that day we have had a steady flow of them, medium in the tide is building up again. And it is according to spaceweather.
My heart seems to be beating with unusual intensity the past few days...I feel like we are going to start a whole new cycle again of deep change.
And since we have shifted so much of our past, the changes will probably effect the NOW.
We are being offered a chance to really come out as the people we truely are.To reinvent ourselves.
Are you ready to surprise yourself? To be surprised?

Who were you as a child? What were your dreams? Your values? Your desires?
How did you see the world, how did you see you in this world?
What do you want?

Yes, its beautifull to become who we let it all out...but ofcourse this will also bring forth clashes.
Because if you want something, you might have to ask for for it, fight for it!

So, we are on another wave of change, another build-up and release...all moving towards 21-12-12, the date that will tip the scales.
 - Its like walking up the mountain, (sliding back a few steps now and then...tripping, falling, but always getting up again) and december 21st we reach the top of the mountain.
On the other side of the top is going to be the same mountain, but we will be walking down the mountain the, like the tide will be with us...riding our bikes with the wind in our backs, ón to the next lessons! - 
We will be nudged along by all kinds of energies, just go with it..let come as it comes. Its all good.

The flow we are in now will last for at least the end of november before we start the final part of our journey leading to 21-12.
Please keep me posted on your journey.
Thank you.


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