zondag 5 augustus 2012

Time, no Time (English)

Time is a funny thing, there's either too much or too little, too slow or too fast....and the funniest thing about it all is that its not even real.
Then again..whats real.
This new age of unlimited  possibilities is confusing somehow huh?

My kids and husband are at home these days...summer holidays. Good for them. They deserve it.
For me however this means that I don't have any time to myself. While they have all their time to themselves.
I can't write when there people all over the place. I need some privacy...silence..time to myself. The only way to have tome for myself now is by going out for long walks...but i can't write while I walk.
I do have a million ideas for blogs while I walk...but that does not serve any of you.

All the time in the world..and no time to write.
But..if time is not linear, maby you can just travel through time and read the blogs I am about to write in the future?
If you do, please be so kind and let me know if they are any good?


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