zondag 12 augustus 2012

Enough is Enough (English)

The past week we have had 47 sunflares, all C-class and only 3 M-class (and even they were minor)
They come about as regular as a heartbeat..with a small spike here and there to keep it going.
And going we are..my gosh, there is much movement and much purging going on.

There hardly seems time to take a deep breath, and it seems that is exactly what we need to let go of habits and belief systems that we would otherwise rationalise, deny, push down..
Have you noticed how outspoken people are? How there seems to be very little inhibition? A lot of blurting out ..and that aint always a nice thing!
We seem to be extremely direct, outspoken and downright agressive. Maby its not our true colours showing, but definitly our hidden colours!!
We have obviously decided that enough is enough.

Its kinda shocking how many facades are crumbeling. And kinda interesting to see how this is going to effect the elections here in Holland next month.
Will the politicians blurt out stuff? Will their facades crumble? Enough is enough?

There is also a surprisingly large group of people fasting now. Cleansing, changing their ways of eating, the most basic way to purge...
It seems we really want purity, real food. Food that feeds us, not just fill us up. Not just gratifies us for a moment...but food that feeds us on all levels.
Thats great isn't it? More and more we find out how much junk we eat..how many additives and poisons we take in on a daily basis.
Put it to the test...take this list to the store and see how many foods that are stuffed with these MSG's...its a Dutch list, but i'm sure you will understand:
E620 L-glutaminezuur
E621 Monosodiumglutamaat
E622 Kaliumglutamaat
E623 Calciumglutamaat
E624 Ammoniumglutamaat
E625 Magnesiumglutamaat
E626 Guanylzuur
E627 Natriumguanylaat
E628 Kaliumguanylaat
E629 Calciumguanylaat
E630 Inosinezuur
E631 Natriuminosinaat
E632 Kaliuminosinaat
E633 Calciuminosinaat
E634 Calcium 5'-ribonucleotide
E635 Natrium-5'-ribonucleotide
E636 Maltol
E637 Ethylmaltol

These are all monosodium glutamate, food 'enhancers'. Its shocking how little food in the supermarket remains if you cross these off your list.
These have been there for most of our lives...training our bodies to be fat and always craving.
And...now we obviously decided that enough is enough.

Personally I have had enough of stuffing myself with things that are not feeding me...though I find it hard to kick some habits. On the other hand, i'm also convinced that the body can handle anything in moderation.
Mind over matter.

Another thing I have had enough of, is judgement. Its my number one priority to change in myself. Its not easy, but the harder it gets, the more important it is. Its so easy to be all about love when its easy, and its so important to stay in that love when it gets hard.

True love is unlimited, true love is unconditional..really unconditional. And its most important when you need to give this to yourself.
Do you...do you truly love yourself unconditionally?



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