maandag 27 augustus 2012

Rollercoaster rides (English)

A lot of people wrote a lot about the rollercoaster we are on the past year, and this seems to have intensified the past weeks.
And its true; we are slowly rollercoastering  up the hill, then we fall down at high - heart-pumping - speed to slow down when we hit a curve, and as curves go, they seem to accelerate the speed. (this is called centripetal force, it literally means the “center-seeking” force)
For me it seemed very hard to write something sensible about this, describing the ride is easier once you can walk away and look at what happened from a distance, which I seem have come to now.

People ask, 'how are you doing' , and I answer them that its going up and down.
But what does that actually mean? How would you describe the rollercoater ride?
Am I going form happy to unhappy? From functioning to disfunction?
Its just not that simple is it?
How does one describe the 'up' ..what is happening at the 'down'?

Searching for the answer, I found that - ofcourse -  it is all about energy.
I know, I know...everything is energy, so how could it be about anything else, but in this case am using the term energy as, 'the movement, the mood that seems to be general and influencing us'
Still with me?
A lot of you, my dear readers, tell me that you often perceive my blog as a kind of energyforcast (as analogy to a weatherforcast) to interpret this movement, this mood in the energy.
What has the 'weather' been like the past weeks?

The past two weeks my 'energy-mood-swings' have been plentyful. One minute I was walking on pink clouds, happy as a child, in the knowing that all was perfectly well in the world. And the next minute I felt down and depressed and did not see how I could ever feel free and carefree and light ever again..wanting to go home, not seeing any task for me here..
There are moments when I worry about money, my relationship, my kids...and there were moments when I knów that everything is exactly as it should be, and therefor everything is perfect.
But in both of those states of being, there was a whole other layer, a deeper knowing, a constant. A calmness that was below the surface, and that I could turn to at any given time.
I have always knówn about that layer, and I could tap into it often, but now I seem to be able to observe myself at all times, whenever I choose to do so.

Is this the shift? Is this the new Earth? The new era? Are we there?

'Cause looking back, it really truely does not matter whether I worry or not; the world keeps turning, the sun sets and comes up, we have a home, food, clothes, and  - my own frigging petpeeve, the money-thing - there is always enough money to pay what we need to pay somehow.
So, it all comes down to how I perceive the world, and perception is a free choise.
As Albert Einstein said: ''The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe''

I choose to see the universe, the world, my body as friendly.
Again and again. (hey, practise makes perfect right)
What is your choise?


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