maandag 6 augustus 2012

Dreaming towards a blank page (English)

Lately my dreams have been so intens! And as often is the case...a lot of you seemingly do the same.
When I wake up, I know I have been dreaming A LOT...but it is so hard to remember the dream..the story of the dream...though I am sure there was a perfectly logical story there. All I remeber is faces, situations and images, and emotions. A lot of emotions.
Deep sadness, abandonment, old pain, but also laughter and a lot of flirting.

Somehow the situations I dream seem to be connected to the past, real situations. But they are different...showing me different options? Differents paths that could have been chosen?
Maby its a reconciliation with the choices of the past? Maby its our soul telling us that all we ever did was perfectly fine...and now we can let go of doubts and guilt around the choises we made and paths we took?
Thats a nice thought...
Bye bye to beating myself up over mistakes I made...good riddance!

So again it seems to be about letting go...or making space.
Letting go is about the past, making space refers to the what does this letting go bring us now?
Since NOW is the only time that is really real...there ought to be something, some kind of pay off right now.
I guess it gives us a blank page, a fresh start...a zero point?

What are you going to write on your blank page?
Since we create our everything as we go along...we get to create all of ourselves from scratch.
Every option is open, every choise available, every creation possible.
I guess the most important thing to me is to create from love and not fear. To live with an open heart. To only do things and say things and think things that feed the world, the one-ness..not just fill it.

I'm not even sure what that looks like...but as always...I choose and take a leap of faith.
I choose to be supportive and kind to others and myself.
I choose to see the universe as a friendly place, and my body as a friendly universe.
I choose faith and love.
And so it is.


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