donderdag 14 juni 2012

Venus weekend! (English)

We are going to experience quite the weekend!
The past week we have had a constant wave of C-flares with the odd M-class flare here and there. Yesterday there was an exeptional M-flare, its started around 11.30 UT ( 13.30 local time) it climbed up to M1, not very intens, but then it took untill 22.00 (midnight local time) before it was back at C-level. (where it stayed for some houers) Since then we have gone back to the wave of C-flares. (all in all 17 the past 24 houers)
The CME (coronal mass ejection) is coming our way (hits Venus and Mars too) and will be effecting us the coming weekend. On they say a 30% of that happening, but the sensitive ones among us know its way bigger then that.

Thats a lot of numbers and facts, but what does this all mean? It may be tough on electronics and satellites but more will this effect us?
After all the discharging and discarding and letting go, its time for the opposite motion now, time to recharge!
To me it feels like its very calm, like the energy has retracted some, just like the sea retracts before a big wave hits the shores.
So a wave is coming. Its not going to be huge, not as a sudden jolt, so we will not be knocked of our feet as easily...its more of a durable charge.
(even if you do get knocked have time to scramble up and try again)
That still doesn't tell us how it will effect us though.

There is no 'one effect for all' because we live on the planet of free choice.
So, how this weekend will be for you is a choice..just as every reaction to anything is your choice. 
We - ofcourse - have had that choice with all the flares we have felt in the past, but something has changed.
The Venus transit has indeed brought forth the coming of the feminine.
The struggle that has to do with the feminine versus the masculine, is surfacing. (and that is not just men and woman..because as we know everyone has both elements in themselves)
This means that a lot of us are finding a new balance and for that to happen, we feel the disbalance.
The surpressed parts of us are surfacing.
All that we are not is coming up, to make place for what we are, again.

My advice in to celebrate all that you are. 
Love all that comes up...even the stuff that you are discarding, love it anyway, it has probably served you in the past.
Be the feminine principal, love the nurturing side of you to guide yourself through this.
Everything and anything that will come up needs your loving attention.

As I said, Venus and Mars will be hit by the CME too..the feminine and masculine planets!
So..this weekend will definitly be about that balance.
Don't fight with your self, don't fight with your partner (ultimately the same energy anyway) ...anything that comes up..handle with loving care.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...and take that litteraly. If you want someone to treat you a certain way...treat them that way, if you want more respect or attention, give more attention and respect. If you want love..give love.
You'll like a charm!

So, knowing that the weekend might be bumpy and intens, here is what I would like to ask you to do; please make a consciouss effort to smile at people. People you meet, people you pass..everyone.
Your smile might just give them exactly the strenght to help them through.
Your smile may just give them the love they need to be loving to others.
Lets make the world a better place?
Espavo, have a loving weekend!


photograph by Frank Moore

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  1. Cath Rine loves you :-)14 juni 2012 om 13:11

    :-) mwah !

  2. Mwah to you too..and a huge big smile!!!

  3. Ever so welcome Jina, and please feel free to share on facebook and twitter!
    Have a great weekend!