dinsdag 26 juni 2012

Breaking down (English)

After my last blog, its absolutely clear to me that I am not the only one thats having this break down; emotional, but as it often goes, it shows up in the material too. First we got a humongous bill to keep our car on the road, then I got really ill this weekend, nausea and (pardon) puking my gut out...till there was nothing left I suppose. Then I cried about just absolutely everything, felt very alone and miserable (didn't help that my loved ones were all out doing someting that was fun) ..then my laptop dies and my washingmachine would not tumble dry anymore..you get the picture?
I know you get the picture, because I got an avalanche of emails of you all!
OMG...we really are ONE aren't we?

Many of us are sooo tired...tired of ascension, tired of change, tired of letting go and transforming ...BLEH!
And yeah, since we are all energy and everything is energy, the energy around us reacts to that too...so..we break down, stuff breaks down. Its as simple as that.
Yes..really...it is!
See...we all think that, since we are on this spiritual path and consiouss and aware,, that we should be angelic somehow; angelic..like an angel...peacefull, devout, sereen.
But have you seen 'Michael' with John Travolta as the achangel Michael?
If not..find it, it will at the very least amuse you, and at best inspire you lots! See, this Michael is not at all answering to our idea of a serene angel.
He smokes, he drinks, he eats lots of sugar and loves to make love! (yeah, now there's my kind of inspiration!)

I'm not telling you to go get plastered (would be kinda weird coming from me since I don't drink or smoke) but I am telling you to let go!
Don't hold yourself back, let it all out (even if its tears for now, thats okay too) be extroverted, go dance walking!!

Be happy!!

What made you happy when you were a child? Climbing a tree? Cuddeling little lambs? Building a castle of sand? Painting, drawing? Dance, sing and be as silly as you can be!!
Go to the supermarket and make eyecontact with kids in strollers, smile at everyone, eat chocolate and icecream instead of dinner!
Life is just too short to be miserable.
Have an awesome day!!!


ps; my washer tumble dried just fine this morning, and I even managed to squeeze this blog out of my laptop.
Who's in control now!

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