maandag 18 juni 2012

The Painbody (English)

Last week I talked to a friend about the painbody and yesterday -when the Dutch soccerteam soccered themselves out of the European Championship - I saw a lot of painbody movement again, and I find this so fascinating.
Eckhart Tolle defines the painbody as: ''the accumulation of unprocessed, painful emotional memories that we all carry around with us''
So..its almost like a shadow person of us, created out of all the painful situations we ran into in our lives, its like its own whole entity..kind of a monster really.
And as mosters go..this one also needs to be fed. 
What does it feed on? 
It feeds on more pain!
And - scared of the moster as we are - we find situations that are food to the painbody.
Well..obviously this monster does not thrive on love and harmony, it finds no nutrition in that.
It's a manipulative loudmouth and its very favorite thing to tell you, time and time again: '' I'm not good enough''.
Now that will make you find its nutrition! It needs you to find (and create if necessary) pain, and fear and negativity.
So we get into relationships that provide food for it, we find conversations and arguments to feed it, we create drama to have it fiest on.
Then we all throw our hands in the air and say; '' why does this always happen to me!''
Well..because we think we need it...the painbody fools us into believing that we need it, because it wants to survive!
If we do not learn to recognise that we carry this hungry monster around, as long as we keep telling ourselves that this is who we are, and we don't learn the destinction...we will keep having to feed it.

The mostly feminine reaction of '' why does this always happen to me'', has a male counterpart aswell and that is; ''Hey thats just who I am, deal with it!'' 
(daily soaps are the perfect workout for our painbody!)
Both statements are mostly born out the monster....its a growl of the monster. (holding hands with the ego probably)
If both of these people were aware of the painbody, they would probably say something like;'' I know that my painbody has a tight grip on me and that makes it so hard for me to be open and loving'', or ; '' I find it really hard to trust myself basically, because the painbody is so strong''
You think that the monster could survive for a long time? Would it not just starve to death?

So, wouldn't it be nice if we all grew some awareness about this monster? In us, in our partners, kids, parents, friends...anyone.
Try it for a few days..listen, look at how people talk to eachother, argue, what hurts and makes them react.
Do they speak from the self...or is it the monster in action?
Look at and listen to it you speaking (probably exclusively from love) or is it your painbody (probably exclusively from fear)
Don't think you can just dismiss the monster, its a part of you as long as you don't live fully consciouss. Thats nothing to worry about, its fine, let it be..just don't feed it!
Try to be aware ..and if it does rear its ugly head, just do what Cesar Millan does..tell it to ''Tsshh'', get it to be calm submissive and be your own packleader!!

Make it so!

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