zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Bumpy ride! (English)

The past days we have had a bumpy ride...with solar activity growing stronger and stronger - on the 28th and 29th even some rather fierce M-class flares, and loads of C-class flares - and just the past few hours it seems to be settling down a bit. Though it would not surprise me if the energy flares up again, cause it seems the right time for that. There are some promising sunspots...and a promising feeling goes along with that.
Nothing scientifically based...its just a there is this huge undertone...a drum-roll we can not hear with our ears, but that we can fee in our gut. 

Two days ago I was at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, at some point Chad, the drummer was doing his (awesome) jam solo thing, and after a while Flea - the funkiest of funky bassmasters - joined in with just this one tone from his bass...probably the lowest sound on the instrument...and he played just  that one went straight to my heart and soul and shook up all the love in the world it seemed! What an experience!! That one tone alone would have made the trip worthwhile.
Well..anyway...this is kinda what the universal energy feels like too. One tone of deep deep touch of pure love..
And yes..this too makes the whole trip worthwhile...

Doesn't it feel like a trip to you? This living on Earth? Living a physical life? Being a human?
Its a trip...sometimes you get stuck in traffic, sometime you wait in line, you may loose your luggage and the hotel might not be all that. But...look at the amazing views, every new smell is an adventure, every new taste is a journey in itself! You get to swim in the oceans, you get to bathe in the sun! And the people! The wonderful people, the wondering people, the wonderous!
Isn't it all just a miracle?
Bumps and all?
To me it sure is..and even if some of the bumps give me bruises...I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Have a great miraculous wonderful awesome weekend!!

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