zondag 10 juni 2012

Venus tears (English)

My oh my did Venus put us all in a flow!
Some may be experiencing a wonderfull and happy flow, it seems that a lot of us are having a whole different kinda flow, the streaming of tears...
Its all I hear and see these days, tears..
Even the day before yesterday with the start of the soccertournament, the Greek and (Dutch) Russian coach in tears before the game!
(wonder how many cried after loosing yesterday)
Many people, connections on facebook writing about how they can't stop crying. How they just break down in tears in public.
Friends tell me stories of crying their hearts out.
Crying their hearts out....or maby we should say..crying their hearts open?

Then there is also good-crying ofcourse; the crying you do for feeling or seeing or hearing sheer beauty..
I also do that all the time..when I read great messages on facebook for example, or see someone being pure on tv (even commercials do the trick) but more often then not its because of music for me.
This week I was watching the Pinkpop concert by The Kyteman Orchestra, and the passion of Kyteman (the conductor Colin Benders) reduced me to tears all through the concert..
(see link below)
His passion is so raw..its like he is personally giving birth to the music.
Another band that brings me to tears on a regular bases are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, their music oozes love and passion and joy!!!
I love being moved by music..it truely opens my heart.

To cry is to release, right?
So maby thats what the Venus transit brought us..a time to release?
Maby her energy came to us like a mom..telling us that its all okay..that everything will be fine, and maby we believed her..and maby thats why we all feel the opportunity to just let it all out.
The confrontation with all the stuff we have been schlepping around, but is not really ours, is bringing anxiety and relief, exitement.
Anxiety and excitement are almost the same and I find it quite easy these days to turn my anxiety to excitement. A matter of being aware of it and shifting it slightly so it becomes excitement and anticipation. Small step..really.
Then there is the relief, and very close to relief is fear.

Always the darned fear...
See..if we are done crying, mostly we feel a sense of relief (the whole point of crying I guess) but this relief quite easily turns to fear...because the relief stems from letting go, and letting go makes space, but space..for what?
It is great to let go of old ideas, habits and belief systems...but what is gonna take its place?
We do so fear the unknown. We fear it so much, we are more then willing to hold on to old shit, just because it is at least shit we understand!
At least we know why we are unhappy, unfullfilled and miserable.
Thats probably why a lot of us get pissed off when we are told to..let go..

So, you let (friggin) go... now what?
If we fear the space we have now created, why don't we just take control and create what we want instead?
We are in control of that you see...we are the ones that create us. (Over and over if need be..so don't fear mistakes..cause there are no mistakes, there is only learning)
So the thing to do now, is create who you choose to be.
You are in charge.
The space that this doing away with 'that what you are not' is longing to be filled with 'that what is truely you'.
I choose to fill the space with love and joy. Everything that I can think of boils down to that, love and joy.

That is what I wish for all of you.
Love and joy.

For the whole Pinkpop gig go to this page:

Enjoy in joy!!

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