zondag 29 december 2013

The buzz on facebook (English)


After my last blogs, I thought I better keep you posted, because for a lot of people still seem to be on the bottom of that friggin' barrel.
Two weeks ago I was totally floored by a flue kind of thing...headaches, stomacheaches, cramps, most aches especially around my waist..so nop, not feeling the light..no..
I did notice that it was all moving around in my body in a very weird way...no logic, made no sense, wich leads me to draw the conclusion that - again - it was to do with the ascension.

One of the things I tend to do, is read, and even more, féél the buzz on facebook, since there I can find a lot of people from all around the world, and this strengthened my suspicions even more...this world is changing, and it is changing só fast...it makes our heads spin and all chakra's break open!
(hence the pain in my waist I guess?)
Many are ill, sick, feeling downright nasty, and many, many are in a big tailspin of depression.
So much it kinda shocked me, eventhough I feel a lot of the same.
So much pain..

This pain is physical, yes, but more upsetting is the sadness and mental pain...there are just too many of us that  seem to have the feeling they are done here...and now want to go home. 
A feeling that I also share, but for me its in the background, and it comes up only for very brief moments. Sadly for many its very much in the foreground, they feel tired, uninspired and done with what ever they came to do here.
I know...planet of free choise, life does not end with this life...but still it makes me really sad to read that.
Especially because there is this whole other layer now...

This whole other layer is also very tangible...its new, its fresh and its exciting!
Can you feel it? This whole new level of possibilities? This wave that is coming...rolling in...can you hear its roar?
Its feels like a very powerfull wave..and we need to ride it!
The time for introspection seems to be over, the time for focussing on inner growth seems to be in the past...now its time to start creating, to move on our thoughts, passions and wants...to go for it!
Like with all waves...don't hesitate to ride it, cause then it will knock you off of your feet and sweep you up side down!  (aaah well  .. even if you dó get swept away...it will pass, and you can just stand up)
It seems that is time to have FUN!! Not take everything so bloody seriously! Just go for it!

Again..this means we need to trust.
Make your head be silent and just listen to the heart.
I know...for many of us its a really really hard thing to do, since were were always told to ''use your head'', and it was a great thing if one had their ''head on straight' ...hardly ever did people speak of the 'clear heart' as being a great thing...a 'clear head' is what we needed.
It seems like a hard switch to make, and I am guessing this is the (confusing) process we are in.

So...once again..this calls for us to trust. Trust in what is coming, trust our heart.
To trust our hearts, we need to love our hearts...to love ourselves.
Loving your SELF...not your story, not your past, not your accomplishments or lack off those...but your pure self. The self that does not depend on the judgement of others..the self that is always always there...its that light that always shines inside you. Find it...turn it up! Shine!

All my love,

Ps: On the 14th of januari I am starting a 14 day e-mail program to help you a little with this selflove. It only costs 14 euros, so only 1 euro per day!
(sorry for blatantly plugging, but it just seems to complement the blog too well not to)


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