donderdag 12 december 2013

PS (English)

After yesterday's blog, a lot of people asked me; 'when is it going to change?'
Usually I get a sense of that during the writing, but yesterday I did not. (how very logical when one is at the bottom of the barrel right?)
I shrugged and said; '' heck I don't know, at the wintersolstice maby? I hope?''
Since then a few subtile bits have changed, and sort of an answer is brewing..
We had some mild solarflares to get things moving, and a fierce solarwind is on its way to Earth (expected the 15th/17th of dec) and I am pretty sure this will be a cleansing wind.
So...just a few more days on the bottem ...a few more days to really get into the hard stuff...look it in the eye.
The wind is going to take us to the solstice on the 21st, and it will give us an opportunity to get out of the barrel all together and start 2014 with a fresh smile!


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