donderdag 7 maart 2013

March Mayhem (English)

Wow...are the enrgies not realy weird lately??
Misty melancholy, and then - literally and figuratively - the sun come out to warm us and before you know it we are back in the winter we thought we left behind.
There seems to be no ending to this reliving old stuff, old pain, 'mistakes' from our past
Letting go, embracing, placing en starting again. heal old pain, you have to feel the pain. That goes hand in hand, but fortunatly, the pain you relive is equal to the gain of the forward movement that follows.
The past week, en the days to come is thát what has been provided for us; a place to transform pain, to get unstuck, to go deep inside. A time for your innermost, a time for facing, recognize and forging (yourself).
Take advantage of this having the wind at your back...

In a few days we will experience a whole different kind of energy, a new wave to ride and surrender to.
This will be tangible around the 13th. Suddenly you find yourself moving again, you will remeber how to create ('cause thats seemed almost impossible the past week) and it will make you want to move forward again!
Light, air, breath!

On the 20th another change is in the air, brought to us by the equinox...kind of a new year, time to celebrate new beginnings, put resolutions into actions, have vague ideas turn into reality.
Between the 13th and the 28th it will be most important to find balance. Balance inside yourself and in your life. Make sure you rest and relax abundantly, make sure you eat healthy foods.
Why is that important? slow and dense and misty march tempestuous it will end!
We will go into a time where everything is possible, and things will develope with fire and fury!!
This creative force is wonderfull if you are prepared , if not, it will blow you away.
I think this periode will last till about the 10th of april, after that things will settle down again, and you can order what you have created in the storm.

So...stay in balance in this march mayhem and I will speak to you again in april!
have fun!!

Much love,

ps: great message from Lee Harris:

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