dinsdag 19 maart 2013

April Unveiled (English)

I am kind of amazed how accurate my last blog seems to be, with the 20th almost here...the equinox, which I think it will deliver - as promised - the start of a whole new wave and I have an inkling what it will bring us.
Have you felt the strange energies of the past days?

It feel like we are pulled forward , and the pulled back again like by an elastic band...only to be propelled forward again, like a horizontal bungeecord?
We are like an athlete getting ready to run a race, or taking a long- or a high jump...rocking back and forth on our feet ..back and forth...waiting for the moment...waiting for the starting gun to go off.
Can you feel the anticipation?

I think I even know now why I have had this weird flu that just seemed to go on and on.You might still be in that process,  maby it will bring you some solace and comfort to know that - again - it is all about leaving your luggage behind. There is nothing in that luggage that you need to hold on to, so leave it there...don't try to get it, understand it..don't even lóók at it to see what it is you are leaving behind!!
If its hard...try visualising this, even go through the motions of putting this luggage down, on the floor and walk away..don't look back..just enjoy the feeling of being lighter!!

The reason why you can't take it along is that it would make you doubt. There is so much new information coming in the next couple of weeks (at least till the 10th of april) ...and you would doubt the information, because you would try to compare it to old experiences. 
Old 'knowledge' would interfere with the recieving of the new.
And the new...is gonna be BIG.
Its stuff that a lot of us always knew, a lot of us have eperienced, and is now gonna leak into mainstream in an unstoppable and huge way.
So..there is work to do, or, its time to be super aware, because we have to hold the power of this truth rolling out into the world.
We have to hold the light of knowing, as couter creation to all the doubt.
We need to know, we need to trust and most of all, we need to push our light out into the world, and shine as brightly as we can!

(gosh granddad..there is a preacher in me afterall :-)

No more secrets...can you feel it coming? In your gut?
Light will spread and shine on darkness.
More and more curtains will fall, will be pushed aside, ripped off!!
That energie is rumbling in from afar...coming closer and closer, and I am soooo ready!!
Join me?

Have a great time!

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