donderdag 27 september 2012

Phoenix burning! (English)

As I promised in my last blog...well, line is all it was, here I am.
Not because I know what to write now, because I don't. But because a blog with no blogs is rather pointless.
A blog without words that kinda make sense is not very helpfull either now is it? So i'll try..please give me some leeway.

What the heck is going on?
Its not just me, even great energy forecasters like Lee Harris are experiencing this...a blank, no words, no coherent messages.
And its not because nothing is happening, because the world seems to be in a turmoil. If you turn on the tv there seems to be riots all over the world. People throwing stones, shouting, anger, protesting, screaming for help, justice, revenge. Some for an obvious (justified) reason, some because they feel powerless, some in anger, and some just because its the only way they can express anything.

A lot of destruction is going on, and this law of  ''as without, so within''  learns us that this destruction is also going on inside us.
To me this is very litteraly, the things that were constructed in our lifetime (and maby beyond) are now being dis-constructed.
A lot of us have been aware of this going on for the past months, all the letting go of stuff...
I was aware of this, consiouss of it, but still there seems to be a whole lot of de-structing going on inside me still.
Its like the onion right? Always a new layer...well...I think we might be getting down to the last layers. We might actually be reaching the core of us...
Maby that is why people are so angry? Because their core might me filled with fear?

I think that this period is going to last for about two more weeks. Sorry if thats not helping...
The world will be in turmoil a bit longer, because we need to get rid of ALL of it. Its a cleansing and it needs to be completed. So more anger, more destruction is ahead of us.
For those who are aware, that are consiouss of what is going on, here lies a great task.
For the lightworkers (or any other name is fine, please don't get stuck on words) this is a time of great importance. We need to keep the balance now. Stay in love, stay in trust, do not judge.
Keep your inner balance. Meditate, do whatever needs to be done to stay in balance!
Counteract the violence and anger that is raging, the fear that is so evident...take a lot, a lot of deep cleansing breaths, have a smile on your face and do not engage in judgemental talks about what is going on. Don't get dragged along.. ..decide where you stand and where you are going. Go with the flow...yes! But do be aware of the flow you are in, choose love!

As I said...please don't get stuck on words, because they will entice you to discuss and argue about. Its not the words, not the details that are of importance now.
Its all about the movement, the shifting, the bigger change behind the worldly stuff.
Its about feeling, féél the destruction...feel the breaking down of so much that we are used to. So much that we know is crumbeling.
Feel it, and know, trust that after destruction there is only room for (consiouss) construction.
The phoenix needs to burn before it can rise from its ashes.

Take care.
Of you and all that is love.

ps; don't believe the tv. Find out what they don't tell this;

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