zondag 30 september 2012

Harvest Moon and and Solarflare..(English)

What a night this has been! The full harvest moon, and an M-flare almost to the very minute the moon was perfectly full, (in my part of the world anyway) around 5 this morning.
I was wide awake! Were you?

The past weeks have been extremely destructive, but it seems to be setteling down a little now...there's a calm in the air. The dust is dwindeling down and now we see how fierce the storm has been..
We've been lifted up and smacked down, we were twisted and turned inside out, upside down, saw everyting in every possible perspective. And now we are kinda dizzy...what happened thusfar?

For me personally - and so it must be like that for a lot of you too - there has been a lot of letting go. Of old ideas, old friends, old habits, old ways and belief systems.
Well..maby letting go is not exactly right...energy does not go away, but it attaches itself to me differently. Repositioning.
Its been magical, its been hard (almost violent now and then) , its been a struggle and it has been like letting the light and the air in again. (wondering how I could have been without for so long)

The air and the light to me represents forgiveness, gentleness, kindness....knowing that there is no need for anything else. All emotion that is not love, all action that doesnt come from love, comes from fear. And fear comes from attachment...so if you can let go of the attachement, there is nothing to fear. If there is nothing to fear...there is only what is..everything in perfect devine order.
Now..thát brings me so much peace, and love, and the feeling of wholeness.

Sure...there is more to clear, thats why we are on this wacky planet right...to play the game of being a human being.
The harvest moon and the m-class flare last night are a huge kick in the behind for some! Specially the ones that kinda refuse to move...and that is going to bring out a whole lot of rage!
Short fuses all around the coming week! A lot of junk being released as water from a firehose...no dripping faucets these days!
Just be aware, know that its not personal, it is never personal...its just clearing out.
Just be aware, know that you can choose anything at any minute.
Be aware..turn up the light of love..shine bright, be the light!

And forgive them for their anger and their shouting, the vilence.
Forgive yourself when anger comes up within you.
Forgive, smile...and move on.


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