woensdag 13 augustus 2014

Changes...leaps and bounds (English)

May..I just saw my last blog was in may...thats a long time ago, yet it seems like it was last week.
What the heck is going on with time? It seems to have picked up some serious pace.
And no, its not just me getting older...I hear kids talking about it too. Time must definitly be speeding up...or our pernception is making it more compact, I don't know what is going on.
Its scary though...how fast life is flashing by....woosh, here come august..and woosh...its the 14 th!

Thats not what I came out of my warm bed to write about though.
As soon as my head hit the pillow, it dawned on me, that I have heared a lot of people, (and read a lot of my big international group of facebook connections), talking about feeling alone today.
Feeling alone, being very ....sovereign.
The realisation of being alone, alone-ness -  not to be confused with loneliness  - seems to be extremely present.
Ofcourse there was the sad news of Robin Williams (may he forever rest in love and peace) , who probably experienced the same, I don't know. And I wil not join in the speculating, but I do know it shook us...it rattled us.
He made us all look at our alone-ness.
How do we deal with it, how do we perceive it?
Are we okay to be alone, or does it make us feel lonely?

And then, I realised, that for all this alone-ness, there has to be a counterbalance. The universe never leaves stuff hanging in disbalance.
So...if the alone-ness is just one side of a coin...what is on the other side?
Well..there is only one thing to counterbalance alone-ness...and thats together-ness.
Yeah? Must be..right?
And, I must say..its also what I have experienced the past weeks. That we are more inter-connected, we are more and more together. The suffering that is evident in the world today, is not just visable, but it hits us right in the gut....people react from their core. Hate, anger, judgement, opinions....its everywhere..
But, another thing I see everywhere, is the love, the kindness, the open-hearted-ness, the open arms...
More and more people are speaking up for love...and tolerance, and sharing ..we are one.
One people, one planet, one love.

The two sides of the coin...both present, both real. And ony when you acknowledge both sides, there is balance.
Alone and together.
We are developing a sense for both being the same. For having both be equally important.
As within, so without.

Alone, is being inside yourself. Having only yourself for compagny.
Together is outside yourself, having the company of (all) others.
As within, so without.

When you are alone, inside you...there is one thing that is most important, and that is loving yourself.
When you are together, with the world...its most important to love the world.
As within so without.

If you want to make the world a better place..start with the wonderfull person in the mirror!
And the place to start...is loving yourself.
Love yourself and love yourself some more...only then can you truely be together.
The more you love yourself, the less room that leaves for fear.
So, fill your space with love...so you get more space, to fill with love.

Its a balancing act we are learning.
It takes time.
Love yourself enough to grant yourself space for this time.
(and fill that space with love....see how this will spiral up?)

Mucho love

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