vrijdag 9 mei 2014

A new age...a new era (English)

Again I need to ask you...can you feel it?
Another transformative time....another huge change in the frequencie of life this week.

It started out as a week of toughness..like thick air, hard to breathe, hard to move.
Resistence and the feeling of being pushed around from all sides, and not knowing where to move to.
It was not easy to keep the balance.
And then came yesterday..

The air is not just breatheable...it is tingeling and light and sweet and the possibility to fly has retuned!
A huge amount of rules went out the window!
A huge amount of beliefsystems ...gone!
A whole new world of possibilities!!

The most important rule that went flying for me is bias and preconception.
Preconceived ideas seem to have lost boudries...endless possibilities arrise.
Relationships, friendships, jobs can be created anew, not just within know frameworks.
Cause and effect are not lawfully bound anymore.

I'm stunned and extremely happy about that.

Have an AWEsome day!!

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