donderdag 1 mei 2014

New Age (English)

Hello...isn't this just a miraculous time we live in?
The past months and especially April have been quite a many things have changed, so many energies have shifted, an impressive trasformation has been going need to ask if you felt simply must have felt it!

Weird weatherchanges, earthquackes, political mayhem...its going on on all levels of life, its been happening in all dimensions....if you have not had a very confusing month, i'm impressed and curious about your secrets.

The mundane stuff...ah well...don't wanne get into that, but the energetic stuff....let me see if I can get some clarity there.
Eversince we went through the portal in december 2012, people have been kinda impatient...why did we not see more major changes? Why did it all seem so minor??
If you ask was not minor at al..but we want it to move really fast, we want change to be here NOW...completely and utterly.
But, to be honest with you...I don't think we could have handeled that. At all.
For a large part of the planets population it is going too fast as it is!

Lets imagine time slowing down...extremely. And lets say that we started to walk through a door in december 2012...and lets say we move só slow...that only now we have reached to other side of the threshold. To us it may feel like just the smallest of steps, but on the bigger timeline of history....we made a huge move forward.
We want stepping over this theshold to take a mere second...a splitsecond, on this bigger wás that...a mere splitsecond!

Stepping over this threshold is what we did. We left a lot of our crap behind, and a new era has begun. The time of being victims is gone, no more complaining, no more giving your power away. Take charge, create, make it so!
Its the new age...a new world. You have reached a whole new level in the game..congratulations!
This level is about your power of creation. The only way to create is to have fun, and live in, with and from love only.

Want some help with the fun part? On the 10th of may I will be starting a new e-mail project. Ten days, ten e-mails with the latest information, excersises, music and all we need to give fun a leg up!
This project will be in Dutch, but when enough people contact me about an english version, I will be doing one in English too.
E-mail or facebook me for more info.

Welocme to the new age! Lets rock this one!!

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