zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Minumus turns Maximus (English)

Finally the Solar Maximus is not the minimus it has been so far this year! The past week we have ha a bunch of M-flares - 15 to be precise - and yesterday even two X-flares. Both of them on the 25th of october and both of them remakable.
The first one was an X1.7 (at 7.53 UT) and it was accompanied by two large magnetic field that were released from the sun, making half the sundisc active in this eruption.
The second one was even larger, an X2.1 (at 14.51 UT) and was blasted right at us, causing all kinds of trouble with electronic.
You can see the eruptions and read about this on

So..lets find out what these mean to us people on the does this effect our own 'electrics and magnetics'?
(as Jim Self says: ''Thoughts are electrical, emotions are magnetic'')

Yesterday a lot of people emailed me for information, because they were feeling really weird. Dizzy, nauseus, headaches and all kinds of physical mayhem, some quite seriously.
People are feeling sick, like they have the flue...but its gone an houer later...and then after a while comes back again. Like a flue that can't make up its mind..
The dizzy spells seem to be most your energetic head is spinning inside your physical head.

Emotionally we are also roalercoastering along right? Feelings seem to come up so effertlessly. This can be sadness, but also anger, frustration...
For me personally it means tears throughout the day..mostly because the world is such a beautifull place..people care, they really care so much...
Maby we are drawn to what we need to see? Need to experience? I don't know..I just know that my faith in all that is good, has been fed the past days, and that makes me infinitly greatfull.

I guess most of all we need to be aware, conciouss of the changes...and be aware that we are ALL going through this together. Not everyone is aware of maby we need to be aware even more, to keep the balance, to counterbalance what needs to be couterbalanced.

According to many teachers and 'people-that-know' the sunflares have a direct effect on the tectonic plates of Earth too. Sadly this resulted in yet another earthquake in Japan yesterday. This situation obviously needs a whole lot of please, send good, share good, be good.
Since all energy is one and everything is connected your love is effective all over the place..all over the globe.
Be the change, be balance, be the love.

In awe and love


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