donderdag 19 september 2013

Enough! (English)

Its been a while, but it seems time for a blog.
After a long time of hardly any solar activity, we just had a week of almost completely flatlining...we had a strong C-class flare. Thats normally not such a big deal, but in the silence it did stand out.
This combined with the full moon, and the equinox at hand...there is a lot going on, and to me this feels like the culmination of all that happened the past few months.

Its been a journey to say the least. As you may have noticed, I could not even write a blog...thoughts just seems to be too volatile to be written down. They seemed old as soon as they had been thought...and whats the point of writing down whats old news?
Maby it still feels like that even, but this I need to write...cause there is a change at hand...can you feel it?

The past few days, week, there seemed to be a lot coming to surface...and it was really old stuff coming up, stuff that we dont wanne look at, don't wanne see...stuff that had been stuffed away, deep deep down.
Old paradigms, old feelings, mistakes, guilt.
What is so confusing about this, is that its bloody hard not to take it personal in the now.
Ist OLD stuff, but it fééls like feelings of now!! So we feel dragged down, we feel we did not learn, we feel like failures and like we are not sure we even want to be here anymore.
We feel lost, we feel pain...we grieve, we cry, we fight.
Many leave the life they know, wether its by divorce, quitting their job, or leaving this life all together.
We are tired, worn out, we hit the bottom....

The past days, many of us are not feeling well, tired, headaches, flu-like, sore throats, cold, sneezing.
Yes its the weather, but its not just the weather. Its also part of this shedding and letting go.
Letting go seemes to be a over-used term these past few years...many people even get confused by it. How can you let go what is you...what is off you? Its your creation, so how to let go of that?
Well...its cannot. All energy is one big letting go is impossible.
Maby a better phrase would be; letting go of the attachment.
What happened happened, what you are is what you are...but you can make the choise to either be attached, or detached from it.
Its a choise.
Make the choise...or your body will make it for you and you will get sick.
Could it be that simple?
I choose to say yes to that.
Enough is enough. about a energyforcast?
I don't know if you have been noiticing all the number 11's flying around? I know many have, and many have talked about it. well, we are approaching november, the 11th month, and I predict that this month is gonna be just AWESOME!
For those of us who have been working on awareness, on being conscious are gonna breathe a big huge sigh of relief, because awareness is gonna spead like wildfire!
Its has allready started!
Its like we pushed snowballs of the mountain and finally, finally it has culminated enough snow, to become this immensly big ball of snow that will land in the valley with a big huge bang!!
People are waking up left and right, and this is starting to show.

This november we will be reaching the hundredth monkey on a lot of stuff.
For those with their eyes and hearts open...its gonna be a blast!!!!

Mucht love

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