vrijdag 21 juni 2013

(ultra) Violet Flame (English)

Last night - at 3.16 UT - there was an M-class solarflare (an M 2.9 to be precise) and eventhough that is big, it is not spectacular. It is however something that pulled on me to write a blog about it.

You must have noticed we are living in wonderous times right now. More and more is surfacing and...it aint all pretty!
Turkey and Brazil are reflecting what we all feel...we all can relate to the protesters, the frustration and the feeling of enoughness.
Fed up with the way we have done things, fed up with greed and violence, done with politics and the selfish use of power, we do not want repression and slavery to the systems anymore!
We are all ready to live in a world that is open, fair, just.
We want honesty, clarity and a really large group of (young) people seem ready to be responsible. To live in a world where people care, take care of eachother, nature, the world. All of it and all of us!
Isn't that beautifull?

For the new world to become functional, the old world needs to shift. You could say, it needs to shape-shift.
And for the shape of things to change, its needs vulcanoes (of emotions) to erupt, it needs to wrench, to moan and groan, to fall apart..so it can be sculpted and molded into what we truely want and need.
Some pick up weapons, some pick up stones, some take a stand an- like the beautifull person on Taksim square - some stand.
Some organise protest, some give their signature, some cry and some write.

People have felt powerless so often...how many times did you hear a person say: ''There is nothing I can do to change that, I am just one person''  and how many times have you heared the phrase: ''Be the change you want to see in this world''.
Those two remarks show the movement of being powerless to being powerfull exeptionally well, and the time to be powerfull is now.

So, about this flare last night...according to the spaceweather people, it was an extremely ultraviolet one.
Well..most of you probably know of the violet flame? This powerfull transformational energy tool that has been mentioned through the ages by many people on spiritual quests. (see link at the bottem fot more information)
And another piece of information as mentioned on spaceweather.com, is that there is a large coronal hole on the sun, releasing its winds.
To many this might just be some scientific data, but the voice inside my heart tells me that there is more to this.

The moon is the female aspect, the sun is the male aspect...and this male aspect has opened up its heart (the coronal hole) and it is blowing the transformational, healing and empowering violet light to us..and it will be reaching us at the 22 and 23rd of june.
This is happening at the summer solstice, when the sun is at its highest point.
The moon, the female aspect is reaching full moon on the 22 and 23rd of june, and is a special moon...a supermoon.
So, to me this says that the female aspect is extremely ready to receive this transformational energy this weekend.
So..my advice...make the most of it..feel it, go deep inside..heal yourself, heal the world.
Be that change you want to see in the world.

Have a great weekend
Lots of love


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