zaterdag 22 december 2012

Happy New Time everybody! (English)

Dear all of you,

Good to see you all here, and ofcourse we knew that the world was not ending, but an era was.
An era of opposites, an era of following the leader, and era of duality and wars.
To me the new time is all about being aware.
Being aware that we are all connected, that everything is energy, and since everything is energy...all is one.
I am convinced that the new time is one of the feminine. In all of us.

The past few days I have been at a workshop, with the most fabulous people, to welcome the new time with meditation and contemplation and fun.
In the meditation that we did at the time of the wintersolstice, and the great planetary and galactic alignment, we all had some pretty powerfull experiences. And I am always amazed of how much we share the same experiences.
All I can do is talk about what my meditation showed me...and I will not tell you all the details..there are just too many, and a lot of them are even abstract to me to put into words.

Lately my meditations don't show me big stuff..its all just little things...delicate keys that are not always easy to I was not expecting big things to show up.
At the moment supreme though, my third eye, (forhead, between the actual eyes) was hit by light.
I remember thinking, ''aah, tháts what the speed of light feels like''.
The light just kinda spread in my my being. It was white and yellow....maby silver and golden light. And I knew that the light meant that everything just shifted at that very moment.
While I was - being the light I guess -  I realised how extremely fast I got used to being in that light. It seemed like I got used to the new light in a minute..maby even less.
Then two suns appeared. They started to shine brighter and brighter and because of the brightness they appeared as one light. The one sun turned red...the warmest red you can imagine. And out of this red came a Shiva like being...the godess was born is what it told me.

After the meditation I felt such incredible joy! I spread my arms to feel the change in my personal space, it had become lighter, less inclosure, spacious!
I knew that the shift really happened and a new world was born.
I also knew that most people were not concioussly watching this happen, and that it must have been easy for them to have missed this getting used to the new light.
It was almost instantly, and how would you remember what you did not know a minute ago?
The next few days the new energies will be setteling within us, in our systems.

The birth of a new earth...its been magnificent.
Happy New Time everybody!!!

In love,

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