woensdag 6 februari 2013

Growing Pains (English)

After a relatively calm januari (not so much for our friends 'down under') - a lot of us happily surfing the wave of the 21-12 - now februari has come and is ratteling our chains. (yanking them?)
The ratteling (yanking) is effecting a lot of us physically. Headaches are most common, pressure on the tempels and inside the head. (sometimes the pain seems to be moving around in the head) Also parts connected to the head are drawn in...ears, nose, throats.
Lots of people also have the flue, and because of the weird energies, the symptoms make for a stange list of complaints.

Another thing that is happening (as you probably know) is our nighttime life...the sleeping kind.
We seem to be dreaming a thousand dreams all at once every night! Really scary dreams, funny ones, the ones you remember and the ones you just can not grasp.
We are obviously dealing with a lot of changes inside ourselves.
If its too much, then ask before you go to sleep, set your intention to take it easy on yourself. And during the day..take little powernaps whenever you can.
On the other hand, all this will make you feel powerful, energised and in these moments you just can't seem to get tired at all! Mountains can be moved!
Enjoy that!

Because of all the shifting and adjusting and tweeking, we seem to be off centre a lot. Off balance...or looking for that balance. This can cause dizzy spells. If this happens a lot, you can even feel nauseus because of it. Close your eyes and choose to be in the centre. Claim your balance. Command it.

So, what is this big change in us that is happening?
Well...if you ask me - and you kinda do by reading this - it is about growing up.
We - as a species - are starting to grow up. We are ready to be responsible, and stand in our power.
And yes, there is much confusion about power versus force.
Its not hard though; force is fear based, power is based on love.
Every decision ever made that was based on love..is the right one.
The tricky thing is to differenciate between the two...love and fear. That seems easy, but its not.
And that is the growing up we are doing.

In order to be perfectly clear about this, we need to loose our bagage.
We all carry around this huge bag of things we have been told and we took on as truth.
''not good enoug, not smart enough, not thin enough, too short, stupid, slow, dumb'' etc etc...
We took all of that with us, because we believed these people were talking about us, when ofcourse this only said something about them.
Thats not love..thats fear.
We believed it, took it with us, and kept it with us, so we did not have to grow up...being stupid, not good enough was easier.
Thats not self-love...thats hiding in your fears.

Well..its time to leave that comfortzone.
To leave all of what ' they'  told you behind.
And it seems easy...but its not...its going naked.
Being stripped of your story is scary as heck...because there is no excuse, no story to hide behind.

It is all about you. About standing in your power. Being responsible for everything.
Maby thats whats giving us this headache?

Love yourself!


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