maandag 6 januari 2014

Still buzzing (English)

My last blog was about the buzz on facebook, but ofcourse the world is bigger then just facebook.
And so is the buzz.
The past week we had a lot of activity from the sun, solar winds from the flares of januari 4th, are now arriving here, but they are gentle, just as most flares.
More important at the moment though, is the portal we seem to have moved through the past year.

The date of 12-12-20and 12-21-2012 were noticed by the whole world, the (supposed) end of the Mayan calendar, the end of the world-movies were made, predictions were all over the place.
In my world trust won over fear, we came together and it was a celebration!
Well...lets try to find out what the buzz about this is right now.

Even if you don't believe in the magic of a date or numbers, there is no denying that the world is transforming, and it is doing this fast.
Eventhough we think there is a lot of war and misery in the world, it has actually never been more peacefull then ever before, the financial world is changing, politics are changing.
The crisis is hard for many, but is also awakening a lot of creativity, people start thinking in possibilities instead of problems, more and more people join hands and harts and strenght.
A lot of this happened after the december 2012, or at least sped up exponentially after that month.
Is this because there is magic in numbers? Or did we create this together?

To me its sounds very plausible that we created this wave, with all the workshops and meditations and gatherings, from 1-1-2001, 2-2-2002 all the way up to december 2012, created a wave of energy.
For me personally it began on the 7-7-2007 and I have felt the increase of power eversince.
On november 11th  2011 I could feel the wave, I could see the wave and I could here the wave approaching, washing over me and the group I was with. It left me out of breath, amazed and happy.
December 2012 was an extremely powerfull gathering, it was like the world bathed in an amazing light, and I saw it hitting me right between my eyes! It left me kinda speechless.

A lot of teachers and spokes-people now say that a portal opened that month, and I feel this as truth.
We all went through the portal... you could see this as a door ...and the door is closing.
Did you feel this too?
The past year a lot of us have been feeling that we needed to hurry, get a move on, manifest! A lot of us felt this, but had no clue how to manifest, what to do, hurry to...where?
This vague feeling of not wanting to miss out, be in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, trying to step into our passion, if we only knew what this passion was!
From listening to and reading a lot of what these teachers say, I can now only just begins!
We only just went through the door, and are now on the threshold of a whole new world, with a whole new set of chances and possibilities!
A lot of people feel this..its exciting, its magnificent, its a is finally here!!

So...if we created this you think it stops because we don't have a 13th month?
Not accoring to Steve Rother and the group! The wave of energy we created, will just be rolling on and will be rolling in on the 13th of the 13th month...which ofcourse translates to the 13th of januari.
According to Jim Self, the door is almost closed. There is no going back, not to old ways, not to old situations.
The new earth as descibed by great teachers like Eckhart Tolle is here. NOW.

Lets create a place of magic, of wonder and of love.

ps: For those who want to celebrate 13-13, Steve Rother will be doing a free online seminar.

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