dinsdag 28 januari 2014

Rebellion (English)


Its been a while, sorry, I was busy doing an e-mail project, and most of my writing inspiration went there, but i'm back..as always.
Last night around 22.00 (UT) we had a big M-flare, being close to an X flare, and I welcomed it..mucht needed if you ask me, because things were kind of still. And, you know, when water doesn't move, its starts to stink. And it did for a lot of you.

If you are aware of being in still water, and if you want to stop it from going bad...you have to keep it moving yourself. Make waves, create flow, twist, turn, slam, and dance in the water! That'll stop it from going bad!
If you stand in it, sitt in it, or even worse, submerge yourself and wait for it to be over...wait for movement...then it will stink, and you'll be in it!
Not a good idea.
So..choose to stay present. Notice when movement is needed on your part..it works, you'll see.

So, last night this big flare, and some M-class ones early this morning, ánd around noon!
Can you feel it?
People are rebellious! Feel it? Seen it? Its a day of rebellion and outburts and hyperactivity!
A lot of people wanne scream, shout, jump, throw a fit and challenge you!
Kids are not shy mostly to express how they feel, so parents be aware...they will be a handfull today, and remeber..it does serve a purpose.
Whats the purpose? Wel..simple, if they don't, they will be sick,  get a fever, get nauseus en have sore throats.
It just has to come out...so sing (loud), dance (fiercly) and let your hair hang down!
And eat well..your body is going through a lot..it needs good food.

Have a nice day...try not to break the furniture.

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