dinsdag 13 september 2011

blogging NOW

The thing with blogging is that you have to stay on it...be regular...keep em coming.
Ofcóurse i was going to do this with a vengeance!
Took me about a month and 8 blogs to fall off the wagon...darn.
But...the only real moment is NOW, so lets move on and  be in the now with this blog!!

Soooo important this NOW thing.
Its not just words you know...its real.
The past used to be real...when it was the now, but now it is ...well actually it is nothing...a memory...a thought.
We are very bad at memorising, so memories become creations of our mind. So the past is a creation of the mind, and the mind often distorts the facts..so our memories of the past are not very trustworthy...
We learn from past mistakes..but if the past mistakes are a memory ...and memories are not trustworthy, then how can we trust that we are learning the right stuff?

Is this as confusing to you as it is to me?
I need more coffee.

Love ya!!!

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