zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Layers of the cake (English)

Hello beautifull people!

Yeah, lets talk about the layers of the cake. Yes..cake..I much prefer that analogy to the onion one. The layers of the onion makes life sound so serious...and its not.
I do love onions though , wich reminds me...I really want to learn how to make a great onion bhajee one of these days.
But lets get back to the cake...with its base, and cream and layers and strawberries....or not, maby just chocolate..or cheesecake... know what, forget the onions, forget the cake...lets just focus on the layers here!!

Because everything seems layered lately. Sadness comes hand in hand with overwhelming gratitude. Anger and judgement seems to be accompanied with deep and real compassion.
More and more I seem to be experiencing two opposite feelings at the same time.
One second I can feel free and happy and limitless...and the next I can feel paralysed by all the boundries.
One minute I feel like I can take on the world and the next minute I wonder how I can even start my day.
One day I understand and know and feel the oneness of the universe and the next day I wonder how anyone could ever connect to the next person.
My wonderfully vibrantly powerfull magical beautiful sorceress me can be showing her face almost exactly at the same time my ugly unsuccessfull ill tempered badly educated me.

You know? Or is it just me going manic depressive?
Or maby all of it is going on at the same time and it is finding a everything is fine. Or should I we are fine with everything?
Maby we are going to be, feel, experience, see and know all of it at the same time, and we are learning how to be in balance with it all...find neutral ground?
Thats not going to be easy..because we are very used to choosing; you are either this, or either support something, or you are against it. You either want, or you don't want..
So are we learning to choose, feel, be and want it all?
Ofcourse that is not always practical...I mean, you either go somewhere, or you don't right?  Or you would have to be able to be at different places at the same time...a concept I would not even rule out anymore.

Its exciting to be alive now isn't it? Or..isn't it...or is and isnt it?
Ooohh..this is so confusing!
I need balance.
Or cake.

Have a great weekend! (or not...its all fine)

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