donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Sunflare shifts

Yes...another blog on sunflares because the shift is really hitting the fan!!
One flare after the an M-9.3, wich is almost x-class flare (x class being the biggest buggers) and two coronal mass ejections are approching earth and personally i feel we havent seen the end of it yet...i think we just had another flare actually.
So at least untill the 6th of august we will be in this upheavel of the energies.

Some people have really bad headaches, but i advise you to really get in touch with this headache...what is it that you are feeling?
For me it feels like i have an ''inner-head'' about as big as my fist, and it seems to be spinning ...energetically...if it would be spinning for real i would be admitted to a mental institution for sure...or at a science institute haha! (lying next to E.T?)
I have experienced some really strange things...a few nights ago i felt my eyesight improving..just like that! Like someone turned on a light..
And also i felt my teeth getting healed! It was a subtile feeling, but i sure did feel it!

So..maby you should see if you can feel the same....maby you can also filter out the healing energy..i mean, if i can do it, surely you can too!!
So..happy healing...feel the force! Gain the power!! Woohoo!!!!


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